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Working on 4 animations

2011-09-16 22:31:14 by Devilcatcompany

Working on 4 Animations "The fly IX" is 5236 frames "Road Runt" Is 911 frames "Rugrats episode special delivery" 1112 frames and "Crime town" 1 Frame Just started it


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2011-09-17 02:43:41

I understand how hard it can be to draw in flash.
I've been told by other artists that it's a good idea to invest in a tablet for drawing. That way, it's like drawing directly into the movie instead of using the Line tool and stuff.
I'm not exactly a 'proud' member of Newgrounds. The only work I'll submit here, will be part of a collab. I don't feel like much of the audience here shares the same sense of humor (i.e. jokes about genitals, explosions, profanity). All of my animations are on deviantART, under the same name. (Not that that place is really higher step up from Newgrounds. :P)


2011-09-17 12:16:22

You may just want to work on one project at a time so you can keep the greatest ammount of quality in one flash, instead of making 4 flashes that don't look very presentable try making 1 flash that is pretty good.